I Left My Heart On Maya Bay

Thailand 3In the summer of 2009, between finishing my second year of university and starting my third, I spent 6 weeks in Thailand with two of my best uni buddies.

I had never been travelling before and I can genuinely say it was 6 of the best weeks of my life.

Whilst we were there we met several people who taught English in Bangkok during the week and spent each weekend on a different island. Heaven! Due to the low cost of living, they could experience absolute luxury come Friday, on a shoestring budget – staying in beach huts, eating massaman curry and drinking their weight in Chang beer and Sangsom buckets, all for less than the price of a single night out in England.

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Top 5 things to do in Dublin


As my Dad reached a milestone birthday, it was a toss up between signing him up to the over 60’s social club or taking him to Dublin for a weekend. As his family history spans back across Irish soil we thought he might prefer to pay his heritage a visit.

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The Life of a London Commuter

ItVisit London Application‘s the best of both worlds I was told. Living in the countryside outside our capital city and working in it, and this may be the case if it wasn’t for the commute in between!

The job that began my commuting life I primarily got through creating a tube map for a presentation of a day in London. I explained how quickly and easily the tube could get you from place to place to make the most of your day. Little did I know as I made it I would soon come to realise that things completely change when go from just a user of the tube to a commuter on the tube.

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